TronBeat (TRBX) Official BEP20 Contract 0x2ffcfd58bf56967a8fe56b7d521fa29ce1e42395



8 % of every Buy/Sell is taken and Redistributed to all TronBeat (TRXB) Holders via Tron (TRX) If you keep TRXB in your Wallet, your earned TRX will be sent directly to your Wallet. (every 30-60 minutes)
2 % from every Transaction will used to a Real Buyback of TronBeat (TRXB) - It is a fully automatic feature added to the contract. Automatic purchase takes place and is added to the liquidity. This way Token inflation is positively supported
Max Supply 40M
Pre Sale 25M
Staking Reward 4M
Devolopment 3M
Marketing 2M
Advisors 4M
Airdrop 2M
Reserve for Game Portal 1M
TronBeat Gaming You will be able to buy Chips with TRXB and participate in Poker and Card games at the tables. You will be able to exchange the chips with TRXB again.

TronBeat Gaming

TronBeat (TRXB)Roadmap

Phase 1:
-Website Lunch
-Contract Create and Pre Sale Lunch
-Liquid Lock for 3 Years
-Advertising on Poocoin and many portals
-Listing on PancakeSwap & PooCoin
-Staking Portal Launch 48h After Listing on PancakeSwap & PooCoin

Phase 2:
-Website Upgrade
-Mobile App Development
-TronBeat online Poker and Card Games Portal
-Apply for Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

Phase 3:
-Massive Marketing
-Listing on Major Exchanges
-Reaching 40 Million Marketcap



In addition to being a TronBeat (TRBX) reward token, it will be used in Online Poker and Card Games. As the amount of TRBX earned increases, the TRX earnings ratio will also increase.

Passive Income

Investors will make a profit with TRX by holding TRXB. You must Hold at least 1000 TRXB on Wallet. The Earned TRX Coins will be sended directly to the Wallet

TronBeat Game

TRXB tokens will be used to log in to the games. enjoy online Gambling.


Bets on Poker and Card games will be made with TRXB. The winner becomes the owner of the TRXB accumulated in the Table pool.

TRXB Staking

TronBeat (TRXB) will be able to Stake in 3 days after  PancakeSwap listing.


We would like to remind you that you will not be able to win TRX during the stake.



TronBeat (TRXB) ?


Due to the project structure, our investors earn TRX in every transaction. Therefore, most of our investors will not be inclined to sell. This will support the rise of TRXB price. TRXB holders will both win TRX and gain due to the TRXB price increase.

Stake TRXB earn TRXB

By Staking TRXB, you can get more TRXB. And more TRXB to have means more TRX earnings.

Decentralized Casinos and Games

On the Online Poker and Card games portal it will be possible to buy Chips with TRXB and exchange Chips for TRXB at any time. With the purchased Chip, you can play games on the game tables and earn more Chips and shoot as TRXB whenever you want. 1-5% deduction will be made in the swap transaction. Part of this Fee will be burned.